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GOOBAY Network Cable Cat 8.1 S/FTP, 5m/10m, grey/Black


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  • The Cat 8.1 S / FTP (PiMF) LAN cable is designed for a transmission speed of up to 40 Gbit / s and a transmission bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz (four times the bandwidth of Cat 6a).

  • CAT 8.1 Channel Link 100% tested (attached measurement report + serial no.)
  • Ideal for super-fast high-speed networks, for connecting smart TVs, computers, notebooks, game consoles, DSL modems, routers, switches, Fritzboxes, servers, network printers, patch panels, internet radios and much more.

  • Compatible with all devices with an RJ45 network connection and downward compatible with other CAT variants, e.g. Cat.5 Cat.5e Cat.6 Cat.6a Cat.7.

  • Especially for game consoles with a high resolution picture (4k / 120Hz, 8k / 60Hz) such as Sony Playstation 5 (PS 5) or Microsoft XBOX Series X and S.

  • Double shielded Ethernet cable with twisted pairs and a PiMF (pair in metal foil) shielding as well as the high quality 99.9% OFC (oxygen-free copper) oxygen-free copper inner conductors ensure a consistently high and loss-free signal transmission.

  • New shielded RJ45 Cat.8 plug according to industry standard with 50µ gold-plated contact surfaces against corrosion.

  • Length information on the molded anti-kink sleeve with strain relief and a locking lever protection, which prevent the cables from snagging and the locking lever from breaking off the plug.

    • Contacting: EIA / TIA-568B
    • Connection, housing material: PVC
    • Connection, type: RJ45 industrial plug (8P8C)
    • Latch protection: on both sides
    • Connection 2, type: RJ45 industrial plug (8P8C)
    • Latch protection: on both sides
    • Connection, contact material: gold-plated 50?
    • Connection, shielding: yes

    electric wire
    • Specification: CAT 8.1
    • Cable type: CAT 8.1 raw cable
    • Shielding class: S / FTP (PiMF)
    • Inner conductor, material: CU (copper)
    • Inner conductor, core diameter: 0.2 mm
    • Cable sheath diameter (approx.): 8.2 mm
    • Number of shields: 2 x
    • Type 1, shielding: foil (aluminum) PiMF
    • Type 2, shielding: braid (aluminum) overall shield
    • AWG: 24/7 (stranded)
    • Kink protection: on both sides

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